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The Dralloc Series for Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II:
Brought To You By BeefCaike!

Welcome to the home of The Dralloc Series for JK!

Here are more than ten years of my life in the form of virtual reality.
A fairy tale adventure from another time, another world, another solar system. Escape reality vicariously through the eyes of a Jedi.

Here lies a completed mission... a mission of dreams.

The Dralloc Series

The Dralloc Mall 1998 Download Here! Screenshots
The Dralloc Hotel and Casino 1999 Download Here! Screenshots
The Dralloc Arena 2000 Download Here! Screenshots
The Dralloc Deathmatch 2001 Download Here! Screenshots
The Dralloc Sirhc 2002 Download Here! Screenshots
Dralloc Sirhc 2 - Con Krape Canyon 2004 Download Here! Screenshots
Dralloc Sirhc 3 2005 Download Here! Screenshots
Dralloc CTF 2006 Download Here! Screenshots
Dralloc CTF 2 - Hyperbola 2007 Download Here! Screenshots
Dralloc CTF 3 - DrallocX 2008 Download Here! Screenshots
Dralloc CTF 4 - Dralloc Arena CTF 2011 Download Here! Screenshots
Other JK Levels from BeefCaike
BeeeFF - The BGJ Full Force Remix 2010 Download Here! Screenshots
Blue Bawlz - The One Day FFA! 2014 Download Here! Screenshots
JK Tournament 2015 Download Here! Screenshots





Things You Need:


JK MultiPlayer Guide
Configure JK to work online.
Router port forwarding information, and much more.

Click Here


Jedi Knight CD1
Ripped CD1 and packed it into
an ISO file. You will need WinRAR to open the ISO file. You can also burn this image to a CD to do a fresh install from the CD. 205 MB DL.



The JK Patch
One single patch that is required to play games in 2012 and beyond. Includes the Direct3D patch to fix video issues with newer video cards, as well as team chat.


Jedi Knight Enhanced
A mod that you run with JK that upgrades the player models to high poly versions that look much better than the originals. Requires the Patch above to work properly.


Jedi Knight Chat Room
The JK Community Chat Room where all the games are arranged. People hang out and talk about pretty much anything while occasionally playing JK.
Click Here


mIRC Chat Interface
The IRC Client that enables a standalone window for the JK Chat Room. You can login to the Chat Room with the information below.


IRC Address:
IRC Channel: #JK (Jedi Knight)

Level Installation and Playing Instructions:

• Click the green "Download Here" button to Download a Level.
You will need WINRAR to open the ZIP files.
• Open the ZIP file containing the Level.
• EXTRACT the GOB File into the EPISODE folder where JK is Installed.
• Run Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II
• Choose Player, then hit OK
• Select Multiplayer, then choose to Host or Join a game.
Select Host if you want to play these levels by yourself.
• Choose TCP/IP Connection for DirectPlay, then hit OK.
• Find the level in the list, and set desired game settings, then hit OK.
• Select your desired player, or make a new one if necessary, then hit OK.
• Enjoy! Make sure your buttons are configured the way you like them.

If you are having trouble starting Jedi Knight or hosting a game, please make sure you are running the
LATEST JK PATCH, and make sure your JK PORTS are open. Join the JK LIVE COMMUNITY on IRC for more info!


JK Links

The DDC - Dralloc Download Central is a part of the greater
JK Community including the following websites
The Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II Website brought to you by JKLE_Cougar... LOL!

The JK:DF2 Website
The JK Editors Community. Home to hundreds of JK Editors and Programmers brought to you by ZeqMacaw and Hell Raiser.

The Jedi Knight Editing Hub

JK Community Help Page
The main source for information regarding JK's functionality with online multiplayer and much more. Also includes tips and tricks for JK gameplay.

JK Community
Our loving and faithful home on the IRC network

Gamesurge IRC Network

The 420 Union
Potheads and hippies unite NOFpuXnk's baked'r side of JK.

The 420 Union

Sith Acquisition Sector
Home of SM Sith Lord and his awesome JK levels

Sith Acquisition Sector


BeefCaike also includes a download link to his Left 4 Dead 2 creation:

Survive Canyon Oasis:
A Jedi Knight Canyon Oasis Level Remake for Left 4 Dead 2

L4D2 Canyon Oasis


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